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  The "Fe'de'ration Franc,aise de Naturisme" is a big 80,000 members
  organisation which provide a great deal of information about beaches,
  clubes and vacation centers all around the country. It publishes
  every three months "Nat-Info".

  Fe'de'ration Franc,aise de Naturisme
  53 rue de la Chausse'e-d' Antin
  75009 Paris - FRANCE

    FRANCE-Mediterranean, from the Spanish border to the Italian border.

  Cap d'Agde: centre of naturism 'hellomarin Oltra. A few miles from the
   port of Sete.  One of the greats area (up to 5000 people in a day).

  Le Grau-du Roi: les Baronnets, naturist beach.

  Les Stes-Maries de la mer & the Camargue: several naturist sectors on the
   beach side.  Some of them gay.

  -plage du Ponteau: gay naturism.
  -plage de Bonnleu: naturist creek.

  -Les Pierres Tombees, on the calanque de Sugitou, naturist creek.
  -Callelongue beach, at terminus of bus 20.

  Cassis: Naturism on the point of Bon-Voyage, under Cape Canaille (gay) and
   at the Calanque de Port-Pin.

  -Littoral beach, at Mourillons, bus 3 stop Batterie Basse-g
  -Bau-Rouge beach, in the neighboorhood of Carquebranne, on the rocks.

  Hyeres: Sallins beach

  Ile du Levant: You take the boat at Le Lavandou, and you reach a great
   island only for naturists.  In the little town you go shopping and to
   restaurant all nude.

  Le Lavandou: Route N559 to Cavalaire. Before the Layet-point descending
   to the sea, 100 m. before the railroad.

  Bornes-les-Mimoses: On the south-east of the Pellgrin beach, little areas
   for naturisme.

  Cavalaire: from Bon-Porteau to the  point of Nasque several naturist

  La Croix-Valmer: Between the beach of Vergezon and cape Lardier.

  St-Tropez: Pampelonne beach, in front of the campimg.

  Grimaud: the europe beach.

  -right from the river Argens
  -on the dunes of St-Aygulf, venus beach   -gay-

  St Raphael:
  -Dramant cape
  -Petite Vaquette

  From Cannes to the Italian border some non-official little areas where
  the first coming is the trendsetter for one day.

  	[Original from Yvon Vernaillen <>]

    FRANCE-North & Normandie

  Ghyvelde: near to Bray-Dunes, to the Belgian border, about 500m nudity
   beach.  Take the D60, west of the medical sea centre.  Beach for everyone,
   dunes gay.  Belgian people have no nude beach, so they come here and in
   Breskens (netherlands).

  Berck-sur-mer: northern side.  Same situation as in Ghyvelde

  Quend: on the beach borders (point St-Jean and Point-a-Guille)

  Criel-s-mer: between Mesnil-Val and Criel.  Dangerous sea for swimming.

  	[Original from Yvon Vernaillen <>]

    FRANCE-Bretagne, from South to West and back to north.

  St Nazaire: direction Pornichet, take St-Marc. look for the Jaunais beach.
   Mixed, but not the best place to be.

  La Turballe: Take direction Pen-Bron. Leave your car at the medical
   centre and wait for the little tourist train who takes you to the N.
   beach.  Good for everyone, left side only gay.

  Plouharnel: just before Quiberon, on the west side, the classic nudist
   beach of Erdeven, starting at the wooden hut of the Roche-Seche.

  Ploemeur: take the D162 to the beach, stop at the Kaolins place.

  Concarneau: The Kerouini beach on the south.  Not recomended for families.

  Morgat: going to Crozon city, at the beach of Lost-Marc'h  -gay-

  On the northern side of Bretagne only the Audierne bay, north of St
   Guenole, from Tronoen to the North.  Mixed with gay.  Good place for

  	[Original from Yvon Vernaillen <>]

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